Black Wall Street Festival

You’re invited to join us at the 4th Annual Black Wall Street Festival taking place on Saturday June 29, 2019 at the former site of the Wellston Loop Building, intersections of Dr. Martin Luther King Dr & Hodiamont Ave. We seek to empower, challenge and educate the communities comprising of the Wellston Loop on cooperative economics. This festival is the launching pad for entrepreneurship in the area.   

According to statistics of the Department of Streets and Sewers of St. Louis, in the 1950s, the intersection of Easton and Hodiamont Avenues “is comparable to some of St. Louis’ busiest intersections. During a 12-hour period, a count showed 11,500 automobiles passing through the intersection as compared to 13,500 at Grand and Olive.”

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2019 Official BWS Flyer

Our Programs

All programs are designed to help young people, especially those who need us most to build strong character and realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders.

Civics Ambassador Program

This program introduces the political experience of African Americans in a contemporary style. High school students throughout the region explore civic responsibility, economics, and urban politics from a grassroots perspective...

Young Leaders of Tomorrow

Arts & Craft Day is designed to give young people the opportunity to express themselves in the form of art. By enrolling in this program, young people of all ages are able to enhance and further demonstrate common traits...

Stem & Robotics

Thank you for joining Young Voices with Action STEM initiative with Bricks 4 Kidz. Students from the University City School District (UCSD) and Normandy School Collaborative (NSC) will be introduced to engineering and architecture principles and math and science concepts.

Support Our Cause

YVWA has mentored, assisted, and been a refuge for hundreds of young people and their families throughout our existence. In order to continue our work, we desire the support of our community and those whom believe in us. Yes, that includes you!

Become A Volunteer

Whether helping one family in need or a hundred, providing mentorship and resources to bridge gaps, inspiring those involved to be change agents in their community it’s through the efforts of ordinary people that we can do exceptional things.

Get Involved

We host an array of events yearly. Annual Juneteenth Black Wall Street Festival, Urban Gardening, Youth Arts and Crafts, Civic Ambassadors Program, Homeless Outreach, Holiday Outreach and so much more. Tell us how you’d like to GET INVOLVED.

Resources & Connections

YVWA appreciates the support we receive from our sister organizations and community partnerships. We have collaborated efforts with various organizations including Better Family, The Urban League, The Wellston Community Coalition, The Wellston Forward Development Corporation, Young Biz Kidz, Books N’ Bros LLC, Operation Hope, Great Rivers Greenway and so many more. These collaborations help raise awareness of our humanitarian mission and services we provide.

Upcoming Events

Support Our Current Campaign

YVWA Developmental Campaign

YVWA values any efforts you provide in propelling our work. Current donations and sponsorships help aid us in continuing our mission and go towards our programs and services, providing transportation to our families and enables us to expand our reach through advocacy and support.

Raised Currently: 50%

What We Do?

Young Voices With Action is a premier youth organization that empowers and challenges young people to lead and take on leadership roles within their homes, communities and on their jobs. Here are some of the programs that we offer to help reach our desired goals.

Developing Leaders

“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and example.” We develop leaders by being a constant action and example on the behavior, character, diligence, and integrity of an exemplary leader.

Development Goals

Developing leaders looks and feels different depending upon the individual past and current condition. We use a rubric of progress that includes evaluating our members in the areas of learning, persistence, responsibility, flexibility, and determination. Through these areas we gauge progress.

Charity Events

Giving back to the community is a fundamental characteristic of what we embody at Young Voices With Action. Annually we provide a platform for over 50 micro businesses to showcase their products at our Juneteenth Black Wall Street Festival. We also perform community cleanups throughout the Metropolitan area in the Spring and Summer months to ensure that the environment is reflective of the community we serve. Hosting toy drives, food giveaways.


Your donation is a huge help as we launch our movement. Thank you for the support!


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Success Stories

Get insider testimonials from supporters, volunteers and more on what Young Voices With Action has been doing within the St. Louis community. Feel free to leave us your thoughts.

I served community service with this program and it was my great pleasure doing so i absolutely enjoyed giving back to the community & looking forward to participating again

Lexx Turner
Community Service Volunteer
December 16, 2018

Great organization encouraging youth to evolve and grow! I advise all parents to involve their kids.

Winnie Elizabeth
Facebook Reviewer
April 18, 2017

Young people out here putting action to words and words to action. Keep up the fight.

Beverly Jones
Facebook Reviewer
November 20, 2018

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Take an in depth look at The Young Voices with Action mission, vision, and history to learn more about our programs, services and the lives of those we impact and make the decision to GET INVOLVED with our mission TODAY.

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